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Property and Investment

Image by Tierra Mallorca
Residential Apartment Building
Image by Tierra Mallorca

Property & Investment



Property Guardians
Keeping your home safe whilst you're away (unoccupied homes).


Long and Short Term Rentals
Asia UK are experts in the field of residential and commercial lettings.


Off Market Developments
Helping investor clients with exclusive off market developments.


Refurbishments & Interior

We handle every aspect of your Refurbishment and Interior Design.


Image by Tierra Mallorca
Image by Erik Mclean
Property Construction
Blue gypsophila flowers or baby's breath flowers close up on white background selective fo

Annie Rose Designs

Full of History, Multi-Culturalism, Diversity, Tradition & Entertainment.


Fantastic University of Oxford, made up of 38 independent colleges.


A cosmopolitan city with outstanding architecture old and new.


Property Portfolio
Rich in history, tradition culture gentlemen and the queen.

City Traffic
Aerial View of City
Image by Chris Boland
Image by Inja Pavlić
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