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Property Guardians

The benefits and why

Property Guardians (For Unoccupied Homes)

It is impossible for our clients with homes around the world to manage maintenance issues for all their properties, especially when they are not in residence. We act as key-holders and visit the property every week to check there is nothing that might jeopardise its integrity. We deal with emergencies such as burst pipes and break ins and everyday issues such as arranging for the hallway to be repainted or an over-grown hedge to be trimmed. We keep our clients informed at every step so they have complete control no matter how distant they are.


Asia UK understands the importance of keeping your home safe whilst not in residency and decided to launch our unique Property Guardian home watch service after a rise in the number of squatting incidents in the UK. Our Property Guardian home watch is a household care and security service specifically designed to provide you with peace of mind while you are away from your property. Under British law, squatting is legislated as a civil offence and not a criminal act, leaving the police powerless to take direct action. It can lead to theft and damage to the property, which causes homeowners considerable distress and a great deal of inconvenience.


One of our specialist managers can visit your home on a regular basis to ensure there is nothing to jeopardise its integrity. This visit not only ensures the security of the property, but discourages squatters and burglars by giving the impression of occupancy.

As part of the Property Guardian home watch services, we will carry out a squatters risk assessment analysis of your property and create a bespoke service plan. We can also carry out daily household services, such as sorting mail, cleaning, pet care and maintenance work.


Key holder services

We are trusted key holders for a huge variety of properties and are on call around the clock to deal with everything from emergencies, such as gas leaks and floods, to day-to-day maintenance. Whatever the issue, we have a dedicated team of professionals who will attend your property and manage the problem at a moment’s notice using a trusted tradesman.

As trusted key holders we have been helping clients with all aspects of property management since 2005. We never outsource our Property Guardian home watch visits to third parties and all of our staff undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly CRB) and sign a strict confidentiality agreement.


The benefits of our Property Guardian Service can include:

  • Squatters risk assessment analysis

  • Intruder access analysis

  • Regular visits

  • Security installation

  • Maintenance work

  • Emergency repairs

  • Utility call out in case of a gas leak, fire or flood

  • Insurance policy management

  • Complete household management

  • Mail management and forwarding

  • Top-to-bottom cleaning

  • Pet care


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