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Long and Short Term Rentals

The benefits and why

A personal convenience and professional service from our residential Letting Specialists

Asia UK, are experts in the field of residential and commercial lettings across London, letting and managing residential properties across all major metropolitan areas. We have a wide selection of homes to rent, to suit all budgets, tastes and areas.


If you’re looking for apartments, houses, freestanding homes or flats to rent, our professional team of letting agents will make the process of searching, viewing, renting and moving into a new home as time efficient, convenient and comfortable as possible.


For landlords and property investors, our multi-channel marketing, industry experience, and pre-screened tenant waiting lists, ensures that your residential property investments are quickly and effectively rented to approved tenants at competitive rentals.

Long Term Rental Properties

These properties are typically rented furnished to overseas tenants who have been posted in the UK or rented unfurnished to locals’ residents who live and work in England. In this case owners do not use their property; it is purely a financial investment. Fees are set on a monthly flat fee basis and vary according to the level of management support required.

Short Term Rental Properties

Owners, who would like to use their property for their personal use part of the year, often decide to generate income by renting the property while vacant, usually for about 9 months of the year. These are typically one, two or three weeks rentals made to overseas guests coming to the UK on holiday or business. xxxxx.

Owner Use Properties

Some owners wish to keep their property for their personal use only. For these owners, we schedule regular inspections and maintenance, organize cleanings and services based on our Owners needs. We also look after their staff and payroll, ensuring that they are managed and cared for when the owner is not in residence.


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