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Student Property and Education

The benefits and why

Student Properties

Student Accommodation Investments - Offering investors healthy returns.

A large part of our sales focuses on student property offering investors healthy returns. We are able to advise on purpose-built student accommodation located throughout the UK. With a shortage of university student accommodation in some UK cities.

Student Accommodation has become a popular choice of investment for our clients. Coupled with the rise in UK student numbers and in particular international students who require purpose-built student accommodation, student property is an ideal solution with investors confident of the high returns.


Educational Support Services

Asia UK Investment and Trade are able to advise on purpose-built student accommodation located throughout the UK. Asia UK’s Schools & Education team have experienced education consultants who offer a student concierge service to handle all aspect of overseas students attending British schools, colleges and universities plus help you with the selection and applications process.


Our consultants will help to guide you and your children through the complex selection and application processes involved in being offered a place at the many independent schools colleges and universities of their choice.

Our team, some of whom are parents themselves, have personal contacts and relationships within many school, universities and college communities of which we can provide a bespoke service, individually tailored to answer our clients’ very specific needs.

We understand that there will always be situations in education which may need an immediate response such turning up at the airport late or losing their mobile phone. Our student concierge team will sort out a Sim cards or arrange for your child to get home safely when the airport has been closed.

To us, no challenge is too big and no task too small when it comes to the happiness of our clients and our clients’ children.


Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever face. Making sure your child gets a place at your choice of British school can be complex and many parents suffer huge anxiety throughout the selection and application process.

We can take the pressure off you by guiding you through the education system minefield and arranging every aspect of school selection and application.


Any person, whether living in the UK or not, has access to an independent school place for their child, subject to their ability to pass the entrance process which may include exams and interviews, payment of fees and, of course, having the right visa.

However, competition for the offer of a place at one of the top UK independent selective schools is fiercer than ever. With most of Britain’s 2,500 boarding and London day schools heavily oversubscribed, they have their pick of the brightest and most talented pupils.

We have excellent relationships with schools and can suggest which would best suit your child’s abilities and interests. Once a shortlist has been drawn up, we provide detailed analysis of the schools’ strengths and weaknesses, advise on entry criteria and tutoring for entrance exams and arrange for parents to attend open days and visit schools privately.

After we have helped you decide which schools to apply for, we ensure all the paperwork is completed and delivered on time.

Some of our clients are unable to visit the UK for open days and private visits. We often act as ‘stand-in’ parents at these events and provide a detailed report with recommendations.


In fact, our relationship with our clients and their children rarely ends once they have secured a place at school. We are expert in helping clients appoint guardians and host families and our student concierge service makes sure all the little things are taken care of.

That attention to detail and commitment to your child’s security and happiness makes us different from other companies. It’s what we would expect for our own children and we wouldn’t dream of delivering anything less to yours.

Universities & Colleges

Securing a place at a British university or college of your choice can seem daunting and our team use their in-depth knowledge and many years’ of experience to calmly guide clients through the selection and application processes. We maintain close links to universities and colleges throughout the UK and our consultants help students living both here and overseas to identify the right course and location, providing careers advice if necessary, and arrange private visits and attendance at open days.

Once students have decided where they want to study, we make sure the entry criteria are met and help you to complete and submit every piece of paperwork with the minimum of fuss.


All applications to UK universities for full-time courses are made through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and many colleges also recruit this way. We make what can seem a complicated process simple and stress-free.


Our relationship with students doesn’t end once they have a firm offer from a university or college. We have a student concierge service that includes everything from helping clients find somewhere to live to making sure they have the right books before they start their course.

Family Concierge


The families of children being educated at British Independent schools, universities or colleges face specific challenges of their own.


Not every parent are able to be in Britain while their child studies here. You may face complex travel arrangements when you visit the UK or have the stress of keeping another home here. You may even decide to relocate to be closer to your child.

Busy parents suffer anxiety about doing the best for their child. How do you make sure their birthday is special, track down those illusive concert tickets or find a doctor when you are in the UK?


While our student concierge team will look after all aspects of your child’s needs at school, university or college, our consultants will ensure your own life runs smoothly.


We are highly skilled at anticipating and answering the needs of families based both in the UK and overseas plus we work together with you so you and your family have continuity and peace of mind at all times. We offer a total service which means you need deal with only one company for all your needs.

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