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Residential building

Residential Properties in the UK

The benefits and why

One-stop property solutions

At Asia UK, we have incredible connections across China and the UK, listening to investors specific needs. We source and introduce our clients to properties we feel will be of real interest to them.

We offer a truly unique service, which supports the ever-increasing number of Chinese and International investors looking to buy property in the UK. Our Chinese and International based investors view the UK property market as an incredible opportunity. Mature, stable and secure as London is seen to offer one of the highest returns on investment in comparison to other major international cities.

Our Service

We offer an unparalleled level of expertise and experience to give you a seamless end-to-end service tailored to our investor’s exact requirements. We’ll handle everything from finding the property your require, scheduling visits and property viewings, through to translation plus property management.

Property sales to the Chinese.

Our Chinese buyers’ boasts some of the wealthiest people on the planet, most of whose personal fortunes can dwarf treasuries of medium-sized countries, and the growing population of upper-middle-class Chinese now also has their eyes set on international property.

We mainly promote properties worldwide and have found that some expats or European own properties in the UK and like to sell their property. We place these sellers with many Chinese investors looking to purchase in the UK property market. Our purchasers are predominantly residential and will buy to live in or as an investment.


We search, manage and market our properties to two culturally distinctive buyers: Chinese and the International market. Recognising the two distinctive purchasing traits are key to our selling success.

If you’re looking for property then we are a unique brand offering an efficient service with the highest quality whilst offering a personal and efficient sales service to our buyers and sellers.

Our Chinese buyers’ boasts some of the wealthiest people on the planet, most whose personal fortunes can dwarf treasuries of medium-sized countries, and the growing population of upper-middle-class Chinese now also has their eyes set on international property.


We can offer you access to a new and emerging class of cash rich property buyers... Whether you are a property developer, land owner, landlord with single or multiple portfolio or just selling your home, our China Department is dedicated to marketing UK properties, land and other investment opportunities for sale or for rent to a new, expanding and emerging market of increasing buying power from cash rich Chinese corporations, buyers, tenants and investors, which is second only to the USA.

Residential Landlord Services

For landlords and property investors, Asia UK’s targeted marketing ensures that your property is quickly and effectively rented/leased to the right tenant, furthermore, Asia UK also ensures that all the correct legal processes are followed, thereby safeguarding and maximising investor returns. Once management takes place, we provide landlords with prompt rental disbursements and detailed financial reporting together with a list of any thorough maintenance management that has taken place.

Residential Rental Services

Asia UK are experts in the field of residential and commercial lettings across London, letting and managing residential properties across all major metropolitan areas. We have a wide selection of homes to rent, to suit all budgets, tastes and areas. If you’re looking for apartments, houses, freestanding homes or flats to rent, our professional team of letting agents will make the process of searching, viewing, renting and moving into a new home as time efficient, convenient and comfortable as possible.

For landlords and property investors, our multi-channel marketing, industry experience, and pre-screened tenant waiting lists, ensures that your residential property investments are quickly and effectively rented to approved tenants at competitive rentals.

Asia UK’s Residential Letting Service consists of the following important components:


Through effective advertising and marketing across a range of media channels, ensures prompt renting to well-matched tenants. Potential tenants are offered a wide choice of flats, apartments and houses to rent, while landlords benefit from high visibility and prompt occupation.

Screening of Tenants

Asia UK’s experienced letting agents ensure that all tenant applicants are rigorously screened through credit and reference checks prior to signing a tenancy agreement to mitigate the risk of default. Checking affordability and prior rental payment behaviour are important success factors for prompt rental payments during a new rental.

Signing a Tenancy Agreement

A legally binding Tenancy agreement is drawn up to protect the landlord and tenant by clearly defining the terms and conditions for handling rental payments and collections, rental increases, deposits, maintenance issues and damages claims as noteworthy examples. Our expert letting agents ensure that all tenancy terms and details are well understood and handle all tenancy agreement signing and administration.

Copies of the signed tenancy agreement and applicable terms & conditions are issued to tenants and landlords for ease of reference.


Deposits are important for protecting a landlord’s investment and serve as a security to cover any damages or default during the rental term. Deposits are invested in a recognised government deposit protection scheme in line with the Rental Housing Act. No interest is payable on deposits under the scheme.


We conduct pre- and post- occupation inspections of rented properties, itemise damages and provide quotes for the restoration of the property if necessary. A log of maintenance repairs which records photos of the important fixtures and finishes within a defined template is used by us to produce documented inspection reports as a legal record. The final account for restoring the unit to the standard defined by the pre-occupation inspection, allowing for standard wear and tear, is offset against the deposit balance before being refunded. Interim inspections can be requested by landlords if required.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our maintenance inspectors and administrators manage the maintenance needs of residential rental properties by arranging any plumbing, electrical, painting, cleaning or other related repairs within the parameters of the mandate signed with the property owner. Asia UK has a specialised maintenance information system which tracks and project manages maintenance work orders and provides automated regular feedback to all parties to achieve prompt resolution. Rental property owners are consulted throughout the maintenance process for instructions and to provide feedback.

Rent Collection, Owner Reporting and Financial Management

Rent is collected at the beginning of the month in advance, in terms of the rental agreement. Net rental income is electronically transferred to a landlord’s nominated bank account(s) as soon as practically possible following the collection of rental and payment of approved expenses. Tenant rental statements are circulated (preferably by email, otherwise delivered) a week in advance of the 1st of each month to prompt time efficient rental payments. Our dedicated debt collectors oversee all rental arrears to collect delayed rental payments as soon as possible; owners are kept informed throughout a debt collection process.

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