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Management Services and Valuation

The benefits and why

Our Suite of Services and Approach to Property Management

We provide a variety of services that will vary according to each property owner’s needs and the use of the property: Administration There is much paperwork involved with being an absent landlord: checking and paying bills like your Council Tax, Service Charges, insurances and utilities. Preparing and submitting your V.A.T. returns, managing rentals and tenants or preparing your home for your arrival - we do it all - and we do it seamlessly.

Account Management and Reporting Managing Finance - people who invest in properties do so in order to get good returns from them and budgeting is one of the most important aspects to accomplishing this task. Your property manager works in close association with our Accounts team and the property owners to estimate the budget for the various expenses related to the maintenance of the buildings.

Routine & Preventative Maintenance.

Our Property Managers will perform routine checks of your home/investment property as requested by you. These checks ensure your home/property investment is always ready and welcoming for your arrival or for your tenants. Our aim is to help save you money by detecting problems early before they become expensive to repair. You are notified of all recommendations and costs and applicable quotes are sought on your behalf.

We can offer individual services…

We have created a ‘services’ portfolio for owners who wish to handle their own rentals on a long or short term basis but would like us to perform individual services. Whether it’s a professional ‘meet and greet’ for their guests or they require a full audit of the residence, we can be contracted to do these projects independently. We have outlined these individual services below:

  • Conducting Inventories

  • Property Audits

  • Property Check/Inspections

  • Personalised Meet & Greet Service - Concierge Services

  • Conducting Inventories

Our property manager can complete a detailed inventory with all of the relevant details pertaining to the location, quantity, description and condition of the contents of your property. Digital photographs of the items in the inventory can also be taken to complement this list. This photo log includes images of furniture suites, art, decor and sample patterns (if applicable) of the cutlery and/or linens. Our team are experienced and fully equipped to complete all inventory requests thoroughly and on time. With a detailed, professional inventory stored safely, you can rest assured that your investment is being handled thoroughly and that you are kept in the loop! It is beneficial for property owners to have an accurate and up-to-date inventory of the contents of their properties. For an overseas owner or an owner who does not have the time to take a “hands on” approach, an inventory system assures owners that their possessions are well maintained and accounted for at all times.

Property Audits

A property audit is a great document to have as it identifies issues that may be of a structural or health and safety nature, gives explanations on why the issue is problematic, and offers recommendations on correcting the identified issues. We take the responsibility of conducting these audits seriously and inspect every area of the property meticulously. Property Audits include checks of the following areas: The entire exterior structure The roof exterior (visible and where applicable) All interiors of the property All storage areas on the property including basements, attics, attached storage areas, detached storage areas and utility rooms Property Check/Inspection The first impression of a well-appointed property helps to put your tenants at ease and can set the tone for the remainder of their tenancy.



Short term rental tenants or guests have high expectations and the delivery of services for these tenants/guests must also be at a very high standard. Our representatives can help you meet these expectations by conducting inspections of your property prior to tenancy and after the tenants/guests depart. Any issues noticed during these inspections will be brought to the attention of the owner and recommendations will be offered. After the tenants/guests have returned their keys at the end of their stay, a representative will go through the checklist of items to inspect after their departure.

Personalised Meet & Greet Service – Short Term Airbnb Style Concierge Services For owners who wish to maintain the management of their properties but who do not want to deal with the hassle of meeting tenants or guests who may arrive on potentially late or delayed flights – we offer our ‘Personalized Meet & Greet Service’. One of our representatives will be available to meet all arriving tenants/guests at your property. For short term Airbnb style rentals, full details on each guest’s date of arrival, time and any related specifics must be communicated to us, a minimum of two working days prior to arrival. Once the tenant/guests’ details have been received including number of persons in the party, names, ages and all relevant flight details, our representative will monitor the incoming flight for delays, cancellations or changes.

Guests will be offered the convenience of contacting our Emergency Hotline should an emergency occur while here. Emergencies include those of a medical or criminal matter only. The following information will be taken into account to ensure a smooth handover to all arrivals: The required number of keys, remotes and/swipe cards to be issued to the tenant/guests when they arrive. A thorough property orientation will be done and all guidelines such as those expressed specifically by the owner as well as those implemented by the complex will be explained in detail. Specific information such as alarm codes, wireless passwords and housekeeping visits will be outlined. Similarly at the end of their stay, this representative will ensure that he/she schedules a time to meet the tenant/guests on the day of their departure for the return of the keys.


From a building survey, to house buying report we can assist with our clients valuation requirements.

We are able to commission high quality RICS approved reports and handle the process from start to finish for both our international and UK clients.

The RICS Building Survey is the most in-depth property survey and provides a comprehensive report on the condition of a property including all structural aspects. The Home Buyer Survey is an informative, reliable and cost effective report, providing clear and concise advice regarding any serious problems or specific risks a property may have.

To contact us about Asia UK's Property Management Services, please contact us above.


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