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China Investment and Trade

The benefits and why

Investing & Exporting to China

Is your business ready for the next step? Are you keen to export your British products to China but not sure where to start? Do you want to find authentic Chinese buyers for your products or services? Do you have a product or service that makes you a market standout?

Asia UK offers your small business a unique combination of professional export services to overcome the hurdles in exporting to China.

Our team of international trade experts are focused on actively securing interest from authentic buyers, promoting your product or service, and moving you towards lucrative sales contracts.


Asia UK can help you achieve your international business potential as we provide the resources of business, Innovation and Skills plus have a network of Trade Development Staff to help you successfully win business overseas.

We treat every business as an individual and that’s why we provide a tailored service with specialist support covering a wide range of industries.


Doing business with China can seem rather daunting for those new to the market, but taking a strategic approach is the key to making the process manageable. We help you to conduct reliable research before venturing into business in China as good research saves costs and improves the efficiency and impact from the start of a project.

Ningxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Blue Moon Valley)

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