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Sports Management

The benefits and why

Sports Management


Asia UK works in partnership with top sports management agencies to provide athletes and soccer players with specialised representation for themselves and for their families.


Today’s professional athletes such as Soccer/Football players face unique global challenges that require excellent management representation to maximize their playing career and their personal brand. With the many various football leagues situated around the globe and marketing opportunities reaching across borders, it is the job of the soccer/football agent to provide experience, negotiating ability and an eye for opportunity for their clients. We work with the best sports lawyers around the globe who are familiar with the many varying sports contracts in any sporting field to ensure that contracts comply with the rules and regulations relating to the athletes sporting field of choice.

We understand the management needs of our athletes especially soccer/football players and provide an elite ‘one stop’ service to provide the experience they need in dealing with playing contracts, commercial sponsorship deals, endorsements, club contracts and media. With our strong negotiation leverage and our ability to act as negotiator in the many aspects of player/family support services, our aim is to that we deal with life off the field whilst you focus and concentrate on your game on the field.

As agents, our services cover the following support services for our client athletes:

Contract Negotiations

When it comes to contract negotiations, our main goal is to maximize our client’s earnings. Our company is very astute in the negotiation of financial, commercial and club contracts for the needs of our client athletes whilst ensuring due diligence with proper legal representation complies with FA, FIFA and other regulated bodies. With our excellent relationship with major sports brands we are able to act as negotiator to negotiate the best sponsorship deals available that’s right for you and your family and what you deserve. Our aim is to increase athlete’s income stream and player profile.

Player Support & Lifestyle

Asia UK will provide all the necessary support and mentoring that client athletes and their families will require for the world of sport. We exceed in providing a 24 hour/365 days a year timely support for our client athletes so that they can relax with their families when off the field. This ensures our clients are able to focus and concentrate on their game whilst working.

Marketing & Promotion

We pride ourselves in placing our clients in the spotlight and ensure they get the extensive marketing and promotional exposure to enhance their brand. As such many of our client athletes have appeared in leading glossy magazines and in addition to this we have organized countless television appearances on various TV & Radio networks. We also have relationships with some of the top speaker bureaus across the country where many of our clients regularly make motivational talks to both the corporate and private world.


We coordinate all travel and accommodation for our clients to facilitate their participation in games and competitions. In conjunction with our company travel agency, we always seek the best travel scenario for the money.

International Issues

Our clients come from around the globe and we have the experience in assisting clients with obtaining visa’s and permanent residency, as well as those issues related to passports, and area or national federations.



Prior to execution, our legal sports lawyer will provide support and carefully reviews all negotiated contracts. Our sports lawyer also has vast experience in protecting the images and reputations of our clients.

Finance & Accounting


While we do not internally manage our athlete’s funds, we do provide a recommended list of financial advisor specialists available to meet your investment needs. Our players will be professionally supported and advised throughout each stage of their careers and into retirement by one of recommended financial advisor specialist.

International Issues


Our clients come from around the globe. We have the experience in assisting clients with obtaining visa’s and permanent residency, as well as those issues related to passports, and area or national federations.

Post Career Consultation


We recognize that sports careers do not last forever, and good advice and timing are essential in making the transition to a new career. We take time to assist our clients in making this transition smooth and timely. Ultimately, we take the view that client satisfaction is a strong reflection and critical reference for our future success.



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