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Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy

The benefits and why

Oil, Gas and Petroleum


Asia UK Investment & Trade based in London, are a business with strong emphasis on oil and gas supply to clients worldwide. Our traded commodities are those related to the petroleum industry to include Gasoil, Jet fuel, Mazut, LNG, LPG and Crude Oil. Our focus lies in connecting the sellers and end buyers together in the most valuable and beneficial manner within the oil industry. We also engage in other commodities such as exporting coal from South Africa, Australia, Russia and Indonesia.

We have close affiliations with petroleum companies and with major trading houses in the Middle East, Russia, Europe and US which has stretched our international presence. We have arranged export to China, Europe, United States as well as other sub-continent countries and also provide clients with logistical solutions by arranging direct charter of vessels for the transportation of oil from the source of destination.

Our oil partners have sustainable fleets that consist of various sizes of oil tankers to cater to our client’s needs. We are committed to providing exemplary customer care for fast, personalised services to ensure a rewarding experience for our customers. We have the expertise and capability to deliver on time, right from the time of on-loading to off-loading at the desired port, and we keep our customers updated around the clock of every step of the journey.

With our oil partner’s international presence, our affiliations with renowned petroleum companies, our experience in supply chain logistics, and our complete commitment to excellent customer service, we can assure a successful project with complete visibility throughout from initiation to completion.


Our products:

  • Gasoil

  • Jet Fuel

  • Mazut

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

  • Crude Oil

  • Coal

  • EV (Engine Vehicle)


In the next few years sales of electric and plug-in hybrid cars will reach new levels and Toyota, the current market leader who sells mostly nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery packs, will be industry leaders. Many of the newest plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars are powered by lithium-ion batteries, currently considered the best battery technology for range, power, and recharging time. The upcoming all-electric Prius and RAV4 and the new plug-in hybrid Prius use lithium-ion technology too.

But while lithium-ion technology is a step forward, the battery is still the weak link in the usefulness of these cars compared to existing petrol and diesel engines. Most of the mainstream pure electric cars can travel more than 100 miles at a time, and some far less, however, electric engines are expensive, costing perhaps 50 percent more than a petrol engine equivalent. So what other battery options are coming that might boost range, cut cost, and generally push EVs into the future?

Here's a look at new battery technology currently being developed at universities, government think tanks, and corporations around the country.

  • Carbon Nanotube Electrode Lithium

  • Copper Nanowire Cathode Lithium

  • Lithium Silicon

  • Carbon Foam Capacitor Hybrid

  • Lithium Silicon Polymer

  • Lithium Sulfur Carbon Nanofiber

  • Lithium Manganese Composite/Silicon Carbon Nanocomposite

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