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Wealth and Asset Management

The benefits and why



We specialise in delivering face-to-face, personalised wealth management advice through one of our trusted wealth management expert advisory partnerships who are a FTSE-100 wealth management business that puts long-term relationships and advice that clients trust at the heart of everything we do.

We understand that every client has different needs and aspirations, which is why we offer personalised advice that covers financial, investment and tax planning, designed specifically for their lifestyle goals and stage of life.

Since we started in 2005, we have introduced many clients to our wealth management partners and have grown rapidly as a business in the UK, helping our client’s funds to be under management.

Our Partners

Our independent Partners are among the country’s leading financial advisers and are mostly recruited from high levels in the IFA and private banking communities. Our Partners look after clients as their own, offering broad and skilled advice covering financial and tax planning as well as investment. They also act as financial life coaches, particularly for milestones such as retirement and inheritance planning and in volatile financial markets. They are available when needed to provide support through unexpected events and are there to help trigger action to help clients achieve their goals and dreams.


The Partnership is designed for longevity and continuity. Partners work with clients to create financial and investment plans and solutions, and also advise on tax, wills and passing wealth to the next generation. For many clients, the Partner’s role extends to making sure their families are cared for after they die, and if a Partner retires or dies, we then provide a replacement who is fully briefed in all aspects of the client’s portfolio and needs.


Independent businesses Partners are independent businesses and their practices range in size from a single person up to several hundred staff. Whether large or small, Partners often bring in specialist colleagues to help with specific client situations, and can work alongside a client’s other professional advisers, such as lawyers and accountants.


Many Partners have built their practices into some of the UK’s largest financial advice firms, which often offer other services such as accountancy or access to legal support alongside financial and tax advice. Certain practices also specialise in helping particular kinds of clients, such as business owners, while others offer private client services to people with High Net Worth (HNW).


If you’re looking for local financial advice and want to find out more about our product and services, then call us today.

Asset Management


Buying property and simply hoping it will appreciate with the market is not a smart strategy – certainly not when you consider the high market prices in many European cities. Active asset management is a necessity for real estate managers to identify and execute the optimal strategy in order to make the most of their opportunities for added value in respect to the funds strategy. Only then does a deal become truly lucrative for all parties.


Active asset management emphasizes the strategic function of managing assets in real estate funds. Contrary to a more traditional asset management approach, which means to passively hold an asset over the agreed investment period in order to sell it at the end of the term, active asset management includes the constant monitoring and adjustment of the asset performance with respect to the funds strategy. The critical thing is not only to review performance of previous years but also to forecast and budget prospective developments. Drafting different scenarios by adjusting key factors, regarding the asset itself and the market conditions, enables the asset manager to identify the best asset strategy.

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