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The benefits and why

The UK is the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment



The UK is the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Europe with many overseas organisations being attracted to the UK through its reputation as one of the most open economies in the world and a country that boasts a stable business and political environment.

As a world leader in innovation, with a highly skilled workforce and a competitive tax regime, many businesses look to the UK for growth opportunities. In 2014, the UK’s inward FDI stock passed the £1 trillion mark for the first time – a value which is surpassed by only the US and China.

Asia UK through our partners, are able to support businesses that are looking to invest in the UK, providing advice and support on issues such as:

  • Possible entry strategies, including contracts with import agencies and joint ventures

  • Mergers and acquisitions, including finding an acquisition target and the due diligence process

  • Corporate structure, including a UK Establishment or a UK-Incorporated company

  • Taxation, including corporation tax, VAT and PAYE

  • People and immigration, including details of the visa system

  • Location and premises, including a breakdown of the property purchase process

  • “We are investing in infrastructure, research and development; offering the best superfast broadband service in Europe and international airports that serve more destinations daily than any other European country. Through initiatives such as patent box and research and development tax credits, our business culture rewards enterprise and innovation.”

    Michael Boyd, UK Trade and Investment

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