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Chinese & African Investment

The benefits and why

Chinese & African Investor Partnerships


We specialise in bringing together Chinese and African investors wishing to partner in businesses in either Africa or China. Our specialism is working with clients who are looking for exclusive business opportunities and connecting them with our contacts across the two continents. As well as helping individual clients and investors, we also have a number of corporate investors across the Far East who are looking to invest in all parts of Africa from residential and commercial properties or mixed-use development opportunities, to logistics, offices, retail, hotel and leisure, we have a range of clients with substantial disposal of finances for investment.

Chinese & African Business Relationship

The People's Republic of China has fostered increasingly strong ties with African countries since 1971, when it got its seat as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, thanks to the vote of African nations.

With growth in China-Africa trade averaging 20% annually over the last two decades and China set to become Africa’s largest source of FDI within the next 10 years, China is already Africa’s largest economic partner.

China’s increasing involvement in Africa’s infrastructure development, the activities of Chinese enterprises in Africa’s construction, manufacturing, agricultural and service sectors, and the increasing visibility of Chinese entrepreneurs across Africa has been widely reported in the world’s media in recent years.


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