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Asia UK Investment and Trade offers Chinese elites and International investors a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their property real estate, trade & investment in the UK and vice versa in China. With our vast knowledge within the property, commodities, trade & finance industry together with valued access to residential listings, commercial investments, new development projects and trading partnerships, Asia UK Investment and Trade (Asia UK) is fast becoming a reference among China-based elite and international investors looking for high-quality sustainable property investments and business opportunities within the UK.

Our business boast a network of property and trade professionals who are aware that our Chinese and international investors are the leading buyers of property real estate in the UK and are looking to engage in trade partnerships nationwide and overseas. With increasing demand in China for foreign investment opportunities abroad, Asia UK Investment and Trade’s initiative is to give our Chinese investors, international clients and business trader’s, access to the UK property, Investment & trade market and vice versa, give UK property sellers and business investor’s access to selling and setting up business partnerships within China.

In the ever expanding and emerging market of increasing buying power from cash rich Chinese investors who are looking to trade and buy property within the UK, our aim is to ensure that we meet their investment expectations. That is why Asia UK Investment and Trade are always at the vanguard, never waiting for the future but making it with our solid business ambitions and vision. It is crucial to work with an extremely knowledgeable agent who can help with your investment purchase, while at the same time, provide you with a one-stop-shop that includes legal and tax services, interior design, and many other steps necessary to getting you the home investment of your choice.

We have also established some very strong business connections with real estate professionals in affluent cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore. Fortunately, throughout this time, we have seen continued investment from buyers coming from overseas - most notably from China. Though Chinese buyers make up the majority of our clientele, we also have many buyers from Dubai, India, Brazil, Australia, Russia, and several other countries


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