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History - Roger Williams

With over 25 years in the telecommunications Network industry, Roger Williams excelled in executive management where he learned and acquired his excellent management and organisational skills and is the architect behind Intimate Properties established in 2008, bringing a new meaning to the term ‘property’.

At the height of his career, Roger successfully planned, delivered and strategically co-ordinated the introduction of high speed fibre broadband in the UK and whilst doing so, managed and organised his own personal portfolio of property assets. 

Having studied Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Business Law & Finance at the University of East London, he started his career in the City of London beginning life as a broker in a leading stock broking firm in the UK.

Once trained as a broker and being guided by his mentor who taught him to imagine that every single person whom he served and helped to increase their wealth and assets was not only a privilege, but would give his clients a ONCE in a lifetime chance to change their lifestyle.  Roger, therefore saw this as his duty to ensure that the clients he managed always had a high quality of service to give them the over and above yield expectation on their investment.

This really struck a chord with Roger, and that was the attitude that he had for every client he served, whether it was in the office or on the stock broking trading floor.

Realising that successful, wealthy clients wanted to invest in ‘bricks and mortar, he then created Intimate Properties.  A company in which his business and brand lets you know what he cares about, which is, he cares about you!

Intimate Properties legacy is to be known for their commercial prowess, negotiation skills, market knowledge and no-nonsense results, driven within the property market.

Roger feels fortunate to have found an A-team of hard workers with complementary skill sets.  Each person’s contribution allows us to get better every day, together.

We see ourselves as a forward thinking boutique property company that brings diverse talent to every project. My team includes a graphic designer who used to own an art gallery, a project co-ordinator with deep analytical experience, a marketing expert and an administrator who studied vocal performance and may as well have a master’s degree in multitasking.

The rest is history!

Roger Williams 

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