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Believe it or not, the kitchen is the room that is most often used in your home. Whether you are cooking or eating meals, or entertaining friends and family, this is where you most likely spend most of your time. It therefore makes sense to renovate your kitchen to create a space you enjoy, and it also doesn't hurt that it adds tremendous value to your home.

If you renovate your outdated kitchen, it makes a huge difference. Not only will you enjoy your meal in an entertaining environment, it also makes meal preparation easier. Most importantly, let’s not forget the capital value of a kitchen adds to a home.


Whether you want to renovate a kitchen in a Bungalow, flat or any other type of house, our team can design a layout, find the best cabinetry, and fit-out important appliances you need as we have the experience to ensure your kitchen looks perfect and, the work is done on time.




A bathroom renovation is a good investment for your home. The cost of any bathroom depends on the bathroom size, structural changes required, the quality of materials and the look you want to achieve. Our renovation team will work with the design idea you have to ensure maximum efficiency and limit disruption on your home. A lot of planning goes into a bathroom renovation and, doing your homework in advance will smoothen the project.

Furthermore, a bathroom renovation is the most popular home renovation project. The return on investment on a bathroom renovation is very high, making it a sound and profitable renovation project. We at Crickle Eco Home Improvements will gladly take you through the steps required to complete your bathroom renovation job as quickly and painlessly as possible, and within budget.




Loft conversions improve the quality of your home. If you have an old loft, you can turn it into a luxurious extra room of your choosing.  A loft conversion is an excellent idea for large families that need extra space but can’t afford a large apartment.  On average, a loft conversion increases the value of your house by 30%. That means you’ll earn capital from that property for a very long-time.


Since space is limited in the UK, anyone can carry out a loft conversion because it is cheap. If you have an old loft that you want to convert into a luxurious space, then we can help you. Our team will visit your house to do a site survey and give you a quote. Once we agree on the contract, we will start the building process. You will also have a project manager who will take care of the building regulations and planning permission.



A basement conversion is an excellent idea to add luxurious space to your home. If you can’t extend your house in other directions, a basement conversion is ideal. Ideas for a basement conversion include creating a playroom for your children, a home entertainment area, turning it into a dining and kitchen area, creating a gym room, or creating additional bedrooms.


There are so many ideas for basement conversions, as it depends on the purpose you want it to serve.  If you need more ideas on this, our team can help you.


Several factors affect the feasibility of a basement conversion like layout, underground structures, party walls, road tunnels, and nature of the soil. You also have to survey the neighbouring area to know if there are similar developments. What this means is that you will have to get planning permission when required.


An estate agent will tell you that a finished basement raises the value of your home considerably.  Even if you're not looking to sell your home, just consider how much more liveable space a finished basement will provide!  Whether you convert your previously unused basement into a family room or a games room, it is sure to enhance your quality of life a great deal.

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