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Our electricians specialise in inspecting, repairing and troubleshooting residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems. Our team will make sure that your electrical system is working properly, safely and efficiently, saving you money in the long run and ensuring that your premises and family are safe.


With over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, you can trust that our team has the skills and knowledge to ensure that your home or business electrical system is operating efficiently and safely.

We strive to provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed to all our customers that we even put it in writing! With our fair, up-front pricing and professionally trained electricians, you can count on Crickle Eco Electricals to take care of all your home safety testing and inspection needs

Trustworthy Specialists

Fully Qualified

Each team member has gone through rigorous training and received their licenses and certification backed by years of experience

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  • Electrical Safety Inspections

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

  • Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR & EIC) Certificates

  • Fault Finding/Diagnostics Checks

  • Energy Saving Solutions/Energy Audits

  • Maintenance & Service Agreements

  • HMO & Landlord Compliant Requirements

Test & Inspections


Crickle Eco Electricals takes pride in our excellent customer service. As a result, once you have received your PAT test certificate, we will contact you to conduct a short survey. This is simply to ensure that you are happy with the service you received from us and our engineer.


EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report Certificate


An EICR, or Electrical Inspection Condition Report (Electrical Certificate), is an in-depth inspection of your property’s electrical systems and installation. The inspection is to assess and identify any condition, deterioration or defect which has the potential to result in danger. In this electrical safety certification, all the electrical systems and installations present in residential or commercial buildings are thoroughly inspected.

Contact us now to book your Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) from just £95 through Crickle Eco Electricals as we are confident that the pricing we offer is the most competitive in the market and our rates are not ‘before’ VAT so the price quoted on our site is the final price you pay for your electrical safety certificate.  If you are a landlord with multiple properties you can benefit from our generous discounts for block bookings on your EICR Certificates.

Here is a look at some of the best rates for your EICR Certificate - Electrical Certificate;

  • Electrical Safety Certificate for Studio from £ 95

  • Electrical Safety Certificate for 1 Bed from £ 95

  • Electrical Safety Certificate for 2 Bed from £ 110

  • Electrical Safety Certificate for 3 Bed from £ 115

Do I need an EICR Certificate?

Legislation has recently changed and now states that from July 1st, 2020 privately rented properties will need a valid EICR Certificate - Electrical Certificate for all new tenancies and renewals.  Business owners also require a valid EICR Electrical Certificate as they are legally responsible for the welfare of their staff, customers or tenants, and could face prosecution should there be harm caused due to unsafe electrics.

PAT - Portable Appliance Testing

Crickle Eco Electricals perform expert electrical PAT testing locally and nationally, helping you meet electricity at work regulations and reduce your insurance premiums.

PAT Testing is a specialised process that goes into detail, ensuring that electrical appliances fully comply with UK Health and Safety at Work directives.

As the a landlord or owner of a workplace, with recent regulations, it is your duty to ensure that all tenanted properties and workplace appliances fit strict health and safety standards with high standard PAT testing equipment.

Crickle Eco Electricals PAT testing is a speedy, cost-effective and efficient process, granting your business complete peace of mind, ensuring onsite and offsite equipment is safe to use.

For businesses, A PAT test can aid in reducing insurance premiums, by acting as a risk assessment aid making it well worth keeping on top of.

Crickle Eco Electricals will issue a PAT testing certificate to customers after portable appliances have been successfully tested.


The certificates show that the landlord or company is in compliance with regulations by having their portable equipment regularly inspected for damage and/or risks. The certificate serves as proof that the person responsible for maintaining equipment has taken steps necessary to ensure safety.


PAT Testing Prices

We charge £2.00 for each appliance that is tested and a one off standard call out fee of £75. Of course, the more portable appliances you have the higher your overall PAT testing prices will be. If you only have 10 small appliances that need to be tested you can expect to pay the  standard PAT testing callout cost plus the per appliance charge.


PAT testing costs are well worth it considering the ramifications if you do not comply with regulations. In order to learn exactly how much your PAT testing costs, you will need to provide us with the number of portable appliances that you will need to have tested plus have an idea of which appliances should be tested.


Portable appliances are defined as any appliance that has a plug attached to it and plugs into a wall outlet. Any computers, monitors, printers, kettles, leads, cables and other similar items should be tested.



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