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Block Management & Maintenance

Residential Block Management

Our strategy for Residential Block Management is aimed at providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly outlook on the development.  When your residential block is managed by us, you will receive a dedicated property manager who can be contacted direct should you have any queries.

When we take on a residential development we will focus on reducing costs and yet maintain an affordable approach to the residents of each development. We will undertake an energy consultancy assessment on the development to see what can be done to improve the efficiency of the residential block or estate and ultimately try and reduce costs for the residents.

Our prices are 100% transparent and we are clear, upfront and honest about what we charge and we provide a fair and value for money service. Unlike most managing agents, we will be honest about where your money is going.

If you would like to find out more about our residential block management services or would like us to take over your residential block or estate call us on 07564-680350 and ask to speak to our residential block management department.

Residential Management Service

  • Letting and re-letting of unit

  • Full documentation issue

  • Repair and refurbishment options

  • Managing the income and expenditure and controlling arrears

  • Facilitating insurance

  • Identifying opportunities for disposal or swapping parts of portfolios

  • Constantly re-valuing the asset base, reviewing yields and the performance of the various portfolios

  • Dedicated property management agent

Estate Block Management

Whether your investment is your home (leasehold apartment or a house on an estate), a portfolio of rental properties, and/or commercial premises (from industrial units to high street stores) which require letting and managing, we understand that selecting the right agent can be challenging.

We thrive on managing substantial property portfolios and leasehold developments where we can offer a range of services to meet our Clients’ needs.


We offer tailored Estate Block Management service to developers, free holders and right-to-manage leaseholders. Our portfolio includes residential leasehold developments and residential common-hold developments. Working within RICS code of conduct and recognising ARMA regulations, we provide an alternative approach to running a residential development, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable development, as a more efficient development is a better run development.


Leasehold Block Management

Typical services include the following (full management) or a selection of the following (bespoke management):

  • Company secretarial duties including an AGM

  • Directors meetings

  • Site inspections

  • Issuing Service Charge demands

  • Collecting Service Charge arrears until referral to debt recovery solicitor

  • Keeping records of Dwelling Owners

  • Advising the Client generally on relevant legislative and regulatory issues and general interpretation of the Documents

  • Dealing with day to day issues
    Periodic health and safety checks and appropriate risk assessments

  • Entering into and managing maintenance contracts

  • Arranging buildings insurance,

  • Directors and Officers insurance any other insurance as required by legislation or the Documents

  • Annual preparation of the accounts and expenditure before submitting to accountants for audit purposes

  • Dealing with Insurance Claims in respect of the Property

  • Processing payments

  • Car parking schemes

  • Renewal of utility agreements

  • Out of hours emergency call out service

  • Concierge and on site staff employment and management


Leasehold and Estate Management Service

  • Preparation of service charge budget forecasts

  • Recovery of service charge & ground rent

  • Debt recovery action

  • Preparation of year end accounts & returns

  • Site property visits

  • Supervising general contractors

  • Arrangement of flat management

  • Contract negotiations

  • Company Secretariat

  • Dedicated team processing

  • Advice & support

  • Liaise with Resident Management companies

  • In-house solicitor and legal department

  • Management of onsite staff

  • Arrangement of contracts and billing



Block Maintenance

Each year, Crickle Eco Property Services, instructs and manages many different jobs across all of the block and estate properties we manage.  Many of these Jobs range from leaking taps to faulty paving, electrical repairs to lift servicing or fixing potholes in a car park. These jobs may be routine for us, but we are aware that they are not routine to the residents of our properties: they are vital to our property residents being able to live safely and comfortably where they live.


We understand that ‘No two jobs are exactly the same and No two properties are either’.   So, all jobs must be properly assessed before we seek two or more quotes from competent local contractors.

We take pride in the quality of finished works and the cost implications are always at the heart of all the jobs undertaken. Every effort is made to protect the physical investment of our clients' properties, whilst keeping overall spending at a sensible level.


Maintenance can include:

  • Utility Services

  • General Cleaning

  • Garden & Outdoor Lighting

  • Security & Safety

  • Sanitation of Communal Areas

  • Services for the Operation, Servicing and Renewal of Fixed Equipment

  • Other services or facilities the client is liable under the Lease to provide

The maintaining, cleaning, repairing, decorating, lighting and replacing where necessary of:

  • External Paths

  • Driveways

  • Parking Areas

  • Staircases

  • Garden and Refuse Areas

  • Bike Sheds

  • Security Machinery and Equipment (including Closed Circuit Television)

The tendering, negotiating and management of agreed service contracts, typically including:

  • Grounds Keeping

  • General cleaning

  • Supply of Consumables

  • Window Cleaning

  • Mechanical and Electrical

  • Play Equipment

  • Un-adopted Drainage

  • Lighting

  • Street Furniture

  • Utility Services




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