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Lighting & Security 

Lighting upgrades can have as great an impact as renovating because the right illumination makes a big difference in the atmosphere of your home or business.  Cloudy days and late-night entertaining are no problem with a beautifully designed, properly installed lighting system!


Whether you’re looking for an entirely new lighting installation on your home or business property, or just a simple lighting repair, Crickle Eco Electricals is the professional electrical company to call!

Our expert lighting electricians will provide indoor and outdoor light fixture installations, replacement, maintenance and repairs to meet your needs. Our electricians show up on time, work quickly, and clean up after the job is done. Best of all, our skilled, qualified electricians know how to wire and repair light fixtures in homes and offices for reliable power, without the humming noise or flickering that can arise with amateur installation.

Trustworthy Specialists

Fully Qualified

Each team member has gone through rigorous training and received their licenses and certification backed by years of experience

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Lighting & Security 

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  • Lighting Repairs & fix

  • LED Lighting

  • Security & Garden Lighting

  • Home Lighting Systems

  • Home Automation

  • Automated Lighting Systems

  • CCTV, Surveillance & Systems Design & Installation

  • PIR Motion Sensor  Security Lights

  • Lighting Repairs & Replacement

  • Outdoor lighting Design & Installation

  • Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

  • Emergency Lighting

At Crickle Eco Electricals, we provide these excellent services locally and nationally, so get in touch today to discuss what you need.

Flickering/non-working lights

Do your lights flicker or hum? Is there a wall switch in your home that does not control the overhead lights or ceiling fan?  These are signs of mis-wiring or damage to your light fixtures.

Our service is available to troubleshoot and repair your ceiling lights and overhead light fixtures as our team of skilled electricians can efficiently repair and rewire your light fixtures and test them for proper functionality so you get bright, efficient lighting without any headaches.

For commercial lighting repairs such as office lighting, trust Crickle Eco Electricals and simply give our electricians a call or contact us online for lighting repairs and retrofit lighting services.



Sockets & Switch Installations

If you have an older home, or even a modern home, you could be depending on extension leads to make up for not enough power outlet sockets. These leads can be hazardous and dangerous if overloaded or used incorrectly.

Our electricians will handle all the difficult work. We can add more modern power outlet sockets or switches to make your residence or business premises more convenient and safer. Call us for more info about getting more power outlets, which help protect against electrical shocks.



Light Fixture Installation


If you’re interested in recess lighting, kitchen track lights, a new chandelier, or a high-tech outdoor lighting system, we can take care of all your lighting installation needs. We can provide compliant wiring with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Many homes today lack overhead lighting or have only a single overhead light in each living space. Having substantial and aesthetic lighting is very important in the functionality and design of your home or business.

Today’s design trends include recessed lighting, accent lights, track lights, and brand-new LED light fixtures to create eye-pleasing illumination and a better atmosphere.



Data, Telecoms & Networks

IT communication systems are very important which is why Crickle Eco Electricals can design and install a data system for your office, home office or home, for business, serious gaming or pleasure.  Our electricians are fully trained in the latest technology best practices and can tailor your system to your exact needs.


Internet & Network Installations

Bring your home up to date with the latest technology that we offer.  Our targeted internet installations ensure that the signal in your smart home reaches everything it needs to, including computers, games consoles, and phones, as well as light bulbs, heating controls, and more.  


Our goal is to make the home and internet more usable and hassle-free. Providing fixed internet points throughout the home for fixed devices including smart TVs, computers, and games, we free up the Wi-Fi™ for all portable and mobile equipment. This helps the Wi-Fi signal to be more usable and efficient



TV  &  AV (Audio Visual) Installations


We provide and install all the equipment for wall-hung TVs and surround-sound systems working with Sonos as a registered installer.  From fixed wall brackets to full-motion brackets for TVs, we take care of everything. Smart lighting controls are also available.

Contact us now to schedule a free estimate on your electrics.

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