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Crickle Eco Property Services can provide renewable energy project solutions.  Our team has the experience and knowledge to design around any set of parameters, and our operations department will ensure design constructability. 


This structure allows us to take a project from concept to commissioning with smooth transitions between phases and provide ongoing operation and maintenance support of a system. 

With our vast experience across a broad spectrum of technologies, Crickle Eco Property Services can rise to the challenge of renewable energy projects of any size, and it is our goal to exceed your expectations.


Trustworthy Specialists

Fully Qualified

Each team member has gone through rigorous training and received their licenses and certification backed by years of experience

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Solar Panels on Roof


  • Site Surveys & Cost Analysis

  • Assistance with Grant Funding & Tax Credits

  • Site Layout

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Equipment Specification

  • Monitoring System Integration

  • Web Design

  • Installation

  • Construction Management

  • Commissioning

  • Operation & Maintenance

Solar Power Upgrade

New homeowners can install solar panels to supplement existing power supplies, lower monthly utility costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. If the sometimes-steep upfront expenses are viable, converting to solar can be a wise long-term investment and Solar panels are built to last decades with minimal maintenance.

Heat Pumps

From 2025, gas boilers are being banned from new homes.  And soon, they will be phased out of our homes that are already built too.  A renewable energy heat pump is the future of heating. 

A heat pump heats your home and provides tap water by extracting heat from the air, ground or a water source.  It’s a sustainable environmentally friendly heating solution for your home.

Depending on your building, a heat pump could replace your boiler and can be connected straight into your existing central heating system.   It’s a positive change you can make to reduce your environmental impact and save on your energy consumption – and your bills too.

How does a heat pump work?


Think about your fridge!  A fridge removes heat from the inside of a space, and releases it outside the space. A heat pump does the opposite, drawing heat into a space and releasing it there.


A heat pump connects directly to a central heating system, so it feeds heat into your radiators, wall units or under-floor heating.  Heat pumps operate almost silently, with a sleek, modern look for seamless integration into your home. It’s an efficient, quiet and powerful way to start your energy for change.


Even if it’s cold outside, a heat pump extracts heat from the air, ground or water and uses it to heat a home.  It’s a form of ‘renewable energy’:  it will never run out, and is more efficient than typical heating systems which rely on fossil fuels like gas or oil.


Your heat pump runs on electricity, removing the need for gas in your heating system. Plus, if you generate the required electricity yourself – for example, with solar panels – your bills and CO₂ emissions will be even lower.




Re-Usable Materials

We can offer our clients a sustainable lifestyle and energy-efficient homes by using re-claimed and re-purposed materials.  Our design team will produce clever design features that can be built-in to your home to help keep energy bills low plus we can add a facility for electric vehicle charging.

Many of our clients say they are worried about heating costs in the future and are now prepared to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle to help reduce climate change.

Our aim is to exceed current energy efficiency regulations, when carrying out renovations by installing low energy appliances, heat recovery systems, LED lighting and double/triple glazing products to ensure we boast a “B” (88/100) energy efficient rating, which compares favourably to the national UK average of D. 

During our renovation builds, we aim to have a low carbon footprint thanks to a very high level of insulation materials we use, low water consumption, carefully considered fittings, and smart controls we install to help regulate heating.

Crickle Eco Property Services build with sustainability in mind from the outset and carefully choose construction materials that have been sustainably sourced

It’s easy to lower your carbon footprint in your home and you can start by having items such as rain butts and compost bins in your garden to building a vegetable

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